Download MTK Flash Tool All Versions

When any MediaTek smartphone needs to update with revamping errors, the best way is MTK Flash Tool download. You have to pick the latest version of the application for an improved output. In some cases, the latest updates might not work correctly because of incompatibility errors. In these situations, you have to download MTK Flash tool, a previous version for flashing the system correctly.

Features counter of MTK Flash

  • Flash stock firmware: You are able to upgrade or downgrade the smartphone firmware with just a few clicks. Simply install the stock ROM files on an MTK based chipset installed smartphone to take advantages.
  • Root Android MediaTek powered mobile: Utilizing the latest MTK Droid tool you are able to root the mobile device without errors. This mechanism unlocks the device bootloader and then let you customize all the aspects in an easy way.
  • Backup and flash Recovery file: Using the SP Flash you are able to locate the custom recovery file in the mobile internal storage. These scatter based files installation should pay your total attention because any single error bricks the mobile in a single moment.
  • Run a memory test: MTK Flash tool can check and verify the internal storage space and it allows users to perform NAND Flash on the above-mentioned smartphone in an easy way.
  • Create Scatter File: This MTK Flash application allows users to create a scatter file that needs for stock ROM firmware flashing on any MTK based smartphone. The scatter file is an urgent requirement for MTK stock flash.
  • Write IMEI: This feature can use for all the related smart devices is an added advantage. You are able to rewrite the required IMEI number of the device but be careful, the warranty voids at the end.
  • Settings of Parameters: Read, write, change the parameter settings is a unique advantage of the MTK flash tool download. The One Time Programming area is possible to edit with any version of this advanced application.
  • Hard reset/Format: MTK tool allows users to run a Hard rest or completely format the smart device with a single click. First, connect the smartphone to the computer, then load the scatter file into the application and then click on the "Format" button.

Download MTK Flash Tool v2.53

The explained flash application is available to download directly without wasting your time to redirect to other mirror sites. All the possible app versions that can flash an MTK smartphone is available to download in this section. MTK Droid tool is not merely for the regular flashing commencement. The entire user community can engage in all the actions that mentioned in the features counter simply download MTK Flash tool on any Windows personal computer.

Note: Please use "" as the password to unrar or unzip the downloaded files.

MTK Flash Tool download is the most successful mechanism of flashing and gaining the previously mentioned advantages on each MediaTek chipset installed smartphone. You can pick the official application from the exposed download links without navigating to other mirror sites. There are many benefits have added to the above list but some special advantages require installing SP flash tool to complete the entire achievement.

Special Notes for Users

This MTK Flash Tool that called MTK Droid tool in an alternative name is compatible only with MediaTek powered smart devices. That is why you have no any power to flash or do something instead of writing the IMEI on non-MTK smartphones with this application. When MTK Droid tool runs on a computer it will be sent a malware alert. This is completely out of harmful gatherings. The file has placed in "present in files" and named "pwn". You will not be able to root any device without this small file and do not let the virus guard delete the file anyway. The rooting, installing custom ROM or write IMEI are obviously voided the device warranty. Consequently, you have to process the manner at your own risk always. The credits for developing the application has acquired by the MediaTek Inc. MTK flash tool is an official application that released by the MediaTek team to make changes on MTK based smart devices.

Warning! Take a complete backup of all the personal contents because the flash process always eliminates the entire storage during the flash procedure. The next urgent point is that the custom ROM installation always voids the device warranty. If any user determines to install a customized firmware file on any mobile device, it should process through the user's total attention.


You are able to experience more unique advantages with the latest version of MTK Flash tool. Flash the scatter based firmware is the main output of the detailed application. Download MTK Flash tool, because it is specially designed for MediaTek smart mobile devices and nothing others will compatible completely with the application. If any user tried out to flash the stock firmware of other chipset installed mobile, it will be resulting in a bricked mobile device in the next moment. This is a venture at processing because flashing with an incorrect firmware causes an immediate brick due to error processing.

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