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MTK Flash tool has specially created for Mediatek devices and it may not compatible with other chipsets. In the beginning, this tool supported with MT65xx chipset series but from the latest version it has expanded the compatible chipset range to other recent editions. Download MTK Droid tool is shipped along with several enhancements used in the latest app version but you can still use the previous versions if there is an issue comes during the process.

What Really is MediaTek Flash Tool?

If you have a MediaTek powered Android smartphone or tablet device, here is the best chance to root your device using the MTK flash tool. Android MTK droid tool download is compatible with more MediaTek powered smartphones including MT6592, MT6582, MT6589T, and MT6589T, MT6577, MT6575, MT6572 and other MediaTek devices. MediaTek flash tool installation supports stocking firmware backups, rooting smartphones, scatter file developing and write IMEI. The latest version 2.5.3 is the modern release of the series for rooting any mobile powered by MediaTek CPUs.

Note: The rooting, flashing the custom ROM firmware and flash the IMEI may void the warranty!

Latest Features in MediaTek Root Tool?

Flash MediaTek Androids

Enable USB Debugging > Connect mobile > tap “Root”. It is all you need to flash MTK mobiles.

Recover Data backup

With latest 2.5.3 version, you can experience Stock recovery and recovery restoring of the device.

Backup Stock ROM

Back up stock firmware of MediaTek device is an inbuilt feature of the new tool version.

Create Scatter File & Write IMEI

Create scatter files on Androids to stock flash and write IMEI is supported for any kind of MTK mobile.

Download MTK Flash Tool

The latest MTK Droid Tool 2.5.3 edition is available to download and this version was released after fixing a bunch of issues and upgraded enhancements. Use of this software allows involving one click root feature for all average users who has not enough experiences. Use following direct links to download MTK Droid on your Computer.

Grab More Details Here

The compatible ROM chunk size has mentioned as 512 bytes/sectors. So you are unable to use MTK Droid tool in other sizes. You have to use MTK Flash at your own risk and there is a possibility to brick the device. So you need to get a proper knowledge of what you are going to engage with before admitting to the process. There is a malware inside the tool but do not be afraid this is not a harmful one. This has been added for support for the Root mechanism. If there is an antivirus application runs on the handset this malware helps to ignore the antivirus restrictions. You need to install ADB device drivers before use the application on your personal computer for better performances.

"There is no any app developer or distributor responsible for errors related to the flash process. Use MTK Flash at your own risk. Follow officially updated instructions only."

MTK flash tool download comes as a series of updates for the best user experience. Android root tool is developed one version after the other with the previous bugs and drawbacks fixed. MTKdroidtool v2.5.3 the latest version with upgraded features. Download MTK droid tools for the best smart rooting facility in a few seconds. Here we have provided you the most recent update of the tool and get them on your PC from our direct download links. MTK Droid tool download is compatible up to Android 4.4 so make sure your smartphone in previous Android version to use this app as well.

important: The MTK Droid tool is a highly valuable tool for MediaTek powered Android smartphones and tablet devices. You have an ample chance to Flash the smartphone and backup Stock firmware and rewrite IMEI as well. Moreover, you can create the scatter file of the MTK mobile device.

How to Flash Androids with MTK Flash Tool

    System Requirements
      • MediaTek smartphone or tablet
      • Download PdaNet
      • Download MTK Droid tool using the previously exposed direct download links
      • A Windows PC to execute MTK flash
      • A recommended USB data cable

    How to flash
      • Go to “Settings” > “Developer” > check “USB Debugging”.
      • Connect the device and the PC.
      • "Drivers successfully installed" message appears after the installation.
      • Right click on MediaTek droid tool > Run as Administrator.
      • Media Tek smart droidtool detects the mobile device and you can see the device info at the left side.
      • Click “Root” at the bottom and then OK.
      • Wait till the progress bar appears gradually turn into Green from Yellow.
      • To create a data backup Click “Backup”.
      • Click “To prepare blocks for flash Tool”.
      • According to the guidelines appear on the screen start MediaTek mobile device flashing.

Change Log

  • You can enjoy the MTK mobile flashing manner in a single click on the latest Droid tools.
  • Stock firmware recovery and restore the recovery option added for the brand new version.
  • Available ability to backup the Stock ROM of MediaTek Android device.
  • Able to create the scatter file for support to flash any Stock firmware using the new version of Droid tools.
  • You can write the IMEI by backup and restore process with the new version.

Instructions for Users

MTK flash tool is compatible only with MediaTek based Android smartphones and there is no any other device or chipset version may not support these processes. You have to engage with this procedure at your own risk because this is a general guide for all the MTK devices. Make sure to backup the smart device completely before admitting with this process. The compatible ROM chunk size is 512bytes/sectors. The ".pwn" file extension is followed by the rooting procedure, which means the root package files are in this extension in MTK based smartphones. If in a case your antivirus software detects this as a malware, the flashing process may not be completed as well. So the Droid tool is originally come with a malware file to beat this matter. If you are using a device that runs with a MediaTek chipset we recommend you to download MTK Droid Tool for all kind of Flashing, Rooting, Creating Scatter file and also for Writing IMEI processes.

Warning! Backup the smartphone before you start the flashing process otherwise it may lose your all important and personal files. The entire storage must backup because it eliminates the entire storage during the flashing process.

  • MTK Droidtool is compatible only with MediaTek devices.
  • It is at your own risk to flash MediaTek mobile using MTK flash tool, flashing stock ROM files may void the vendor’s warranty.
  • Temporary turn off virus guard as the file “pwn” used to root the device, is detected as a malware.

Troubleshoot Guide

If you unable to root the MTK smartphone with the root button, follow the following guide to make the task happen.

  • Make the scatter file using MTK Droid tool. This is a text file that addresses blocks also a requirement for the SP Flash. Don't Close the main window after the creation of the scatter file.
  • Select the created scatter file in SP Flash tool and then go to the Red Back Tab.
  • Click on Add button and select the correct file. The file name started with "ROM_". Select the sharp correct scatter file for the mechanism.
  • The scatter file will display in Hex. So that the determination of the file size is important. The copied scatter file will follow after the recovery or the address of the other block.
  • Choose the Read page only on yaffs2 type blocks including smartphones. If this field does not present the window is possible to quit. This matter does not valid for EXT4 type smartphones.
  • Click the read back button and then network the turned off mobile with the PC using a certified USB data cable.
  • The MTK flash tool also the root app automatically opens if there is no any matter faced as described in the above details. If any window does not appear once connected, it must switch on the smartphone. Click on "To process file ROM_ from FlashTool button and choose the ROM_*" here. A successful unpacking will make the CWM install.
  • Start the flash tool and then upload the created scatter file Click on Recovery option and then select CWM that created before. Power off the mobile and then connect to the PC then start the project.

Credits for MTK Droidtool Goes to

All the MTK running Android smart devices are now able to flash with MTK droid tool and this became the most popular among all the MTK chipset included smartphone users. There are some more additional features that you are unable to experience in another flash or root tool. In this page, it would like to thank MediaTek Inc for developing and free distribution to download MTK droid tool.

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